Our Perfectly Imperfect Family!

Our Perfectly Imperfect Family!

We don’t have a life … our kids have a game, a show, or something!

Having more than 2 kids bring challenges, because we literally are here trying to do our best to just not miss anything. We are exhausted, and we barely have time for ourselves. Sometimes we feel guilty for not being able to share more with them, or the possibility of one of them feeling left out.

We try to squish in some time for us as a couple, and because of simplicity or just for being tired, our best plan is DO NOTHING, just relax and watch some TV in bed together without thinking about the rush that life always brings.

Sometimes, I wish to have the power of being in two places at once, and I wonder if one day in the wonderful future ahead, humans will invent some sort of machine that allows parents to accomplish that. That would be awesome.
In the meantime, knowing that they know we might not be there with them physically, it's wonderful they feel our love and the fact we are 100% in spirit.

Yesterday, it was a super busy day for the family: the oldest one had a concert that we booked, missing the fact it was her sister's grad ceremony (parents fail). An 8th graduation ceremony for the middle one, and last game of the flag football season for our boy!

Three activities, three different places and all of them pretty much at the same time. So we did what we could, we coordinated, we divided, and we conquered! The hubby went to the concert with the oldest one, I went with my middle girl to her graduation ceremony, and I was blessed to have awesome parents friends that gave me a helping hand with my boy, so he didn't miss his last game and the after end-of-the-season party. It was indeed a busy Friday for us.

But the busy schedule doesn't end there...volleyball tournaments are back after a couple weeks off, so today was an early wake up for both of us to get the oldest one ready and out of the house at 6:00 am. My hubby is going today, and I will get to enjoy watching her tomorrow.

We might be tired all the time, but we definitely would not change the life we got blessed to live, even though sometimes we go crazy trying to coordinate everything. That's the beauty of life, just keep hustling and trying your best, and if sometimes you feel like you're failing as parent, know they are watching, and they see us trying. We don't have to have everything figured out, because after all, how to be a parent doesn't come with a manual!


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